Glass partitions

Such a partition allows to delimit the space of the room without losing the area. As a material, both triplex and tempered glass, which can withstand heavy loads, can be used.

Скляні перегородки можуть використовуватися як в дизайні інтер`єру квартири, так і офісного приміщення, адже вони надають величезну кількість переваг. Матеріал міцний, звукоізоляційний, а також дуже простий у догляді.

Different design methods can make different results. The use of an aluminum frame will create a room with excellent sound insulation, while partitions made of solid glass will provide an acceptable level of illumination.

This is a prime example of a modernist design solution.
An important advantage of glass partitions is the ability to visually create an open-space, but at the same time divide the space. It is very important in case of weak insolation of premises or in small rooms with many offices. It is also applicable for premises where it is necessary to create different climatic conditions within the same space.
A huge advantage of dividing spaces with glass partitions is also the absence of wet and dirty processes during construction and independence from weather conditions. This is especially true for organizing space in an existing business center or in rented premises. The advantages include the ability to dismantle and reuse partitions in another space.
Glass partitions are often made of smart glass, which can turn opaque at the push of a button. The company “Building Energy Alliance” makes such partitions both from smart glass itself and covers ordinary glass with a special pellicle that turns it into smart.
It is also possible to apply special coverings and images on glass with any of the technologies existing today: pellicle, sandblaster, triplex, digital printing, silk screen printing, laser engraving.